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Peter Hulsey was born in 1969 in the South Florida area. He entered the Armed Services directly following High School. He was stationed in Spain for a period, where he discovered fascination with art and was enthralled by the richness of the Spanish countryside, villages and coasts. 

He also travelled widely in Italy, Germany and France where he undertook the study of art. When he retired from the Service; he returned to the United States; but currently resides in Northern Italy.  He determined that his talent lay in the use of his creative abilities and began experimenting with the use of color and texture to create depth in his work. "I try to capture the harmony between shade and light.  It's always been a challenge for me to determine the color of things.  I try to concentrate on the other objects around things and analyze the reflected light.  I experiment a lot."

He uses sweeping brushstrokes to create a sense of involvement in his paintings.  He then applies and reapplies paint with palette knives in order to create just the right effects.

"Color Burst"
"Deep Meadow"
"Field of Flowers"
"Field of Wheat 1"
"From a Distance"
"Heaven's Glow"
"Italian Village"
"Sea of Poppies"
"Tuscan Morning"