Susan Patricia

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Susan Patricia is a graduate of the Los Angeles Trade Technical College where she received a degree in Technical Illustration, and the Otis Parsons School of Design , in graphics, surface pattern design and photography.

Influenced by her travels through Europe, Central America and the Islands of Hawaii and the South Pacific, a bold luminous palette, warm tropical imagery, and a serene South Pacific mood are all embodied in her dynamic silk paintings, serigraphs and giclees.

Although her initial education was as a technical illustrator/graphic artist, she became interested in silk painting in Mexico. Captivated by the color and vibrancy of the French dyes employed there, and aided by her formal education, Susan developed the difficult techniques she needed for obtaining realism and precision not ordinarily found in silk painting or batik.

The artist paints her images on tightly stretched, white Habotai silk, treated with a preparatory material called gutta. Brilliant, sensuous shades are then applied by hand to the silk. The colors become more luminous and shimmering after Susan steam sets her work, for hours. This process assures that the colors are light resistant and retain their transparency and suppleness.

The same attention to detail, color, canvas quality and luminescence make her limited editions as vibrant and exciting as her originals.

Susan has also been commissioned by Hyatt Regency Hotels, and Embassy Suites in Hawaii . Her art has been featured in numerous publications including Architectural Digest and Hawaiian Airlines’ In Flight. Her images are licensed for use on greeting cards, calendars, puzzles, apparel items and household goods.

She has been exhibited since the late 1980’s in Fine Art Galleries throughout the continental United States, Mexico, Hawaii, Guam and Japan.

"Blessed Showers"
"Island Life"
"Joie De Vie"
"Kuaui Home"
"Moorea Day's"
"Paradise Calls"
"Steppin' Out"
"Tahiti Smiles"
"Take My Breath Away"
"The Waterfall"
"Tropical Delight"