Zu Ming Ho

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Richard Zu Ming Ho is a beloved figurative impressionist whose work is known for its beauty and lyrical style. Greatly influenced by such French masters as Degas, Manet and Renoir, as well as American masters Sargent and Whistler, Ho has created his own style some say is “as fine as a poem, not merely a picture.”

Richard Ho was born in China in 1949. By his teens he was already accomplished in drawing, watercolor, still life, landscape, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, and figure painting in the “western” style. But it was this last nod toward western art that landed Ho in a forced labor camp. For the next ten years the communist regime tried to break Ho’s spirit by depriving him of his art. But he kept his dream alive by visualizing paintings and memorizing images and hoping that, someday, he would be able to put them on canvas or paper.

Ho’s dream was realized in 1987 when he immigrated to the United States. Free to follow his talent, he began creating pieces rich with meaning and elegance. Today he combines a gentle touch with vivid color to produce works that uniquely celebrate the grace of the human body and the intimacy of our relationship with nature and the universe.

"Ancestral Chanting Drum"
"Approaching Buddhala Palace"
"At The Frontier"
"Bronze Age I"
"Bronze Age II"
"Calling the Phoenix"
"Chinese Villages I"
"Cranes Song"
"Dance of the Ten Balls"
"Dance of the Two Horses"
"Domesticated in the Wild"
"Dream of Freedom"
"Educating the Great Panda"
"Flight of the Sun Bird"
"Freedom to Fly"
"Golden Time"
"High Mountain Lake"
"Imperial Ladies (L)"
"Imperial Ladies (R)"
"Inside Buddha's Great Temple"
"Lamp Lighting Ritual"
"Love Takes Flight"
"Ma Qui Polo"
"Magical Theatre"
"Moonlight Romance"
"Our Hope Takes Flight"
"Painting Pottery Blue"
"Painting Pottery Red"
"Peace Time in Beijing "
"Pink Coral"
"Pink Flamingos"
"Polo for Ming Dynasty"
"Polo for Seven"
"Prayer for Good Fortune"
"Prayer for the People"
"Preserve Tibet"
"Propitious Cloud"
"Sacred Mountains"
"Sacred Water Ceremony"
"Secret Waterfall"
"Silver Falls - Left"
"Silver Falls - Right"
"Sound of the Great Horns"
"Spring Ritual"
"Swallow Season"
"The Challenger"
"The Cloth that Binds Us"
"The Emperors Dance"
"The Gathering"
"The Guardians"
"Under the Sea"
"When the Dhali Llama Returns "
"White Ribbon of Life"
"Working Together"
"Year of the Ram"