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About Charles "Chick" Lynn Bragg

Los Angeles based artist Charles Lynn Bragg was born in 1952. His parents are professional artists (Charles Bragg and Jennie Tomao) and they began his training at an early age. Over the next 40+ years, he studied at the California Institute of the Arts (1974-5), UCLA extension, Otis School of Art and Design, other Southern California universities, private lessons with artists in the USA, Italy, and Japan. He is currently a full time student in the BFA Sculpture program at California State University, Long Beach. He is best known for his compassionate environmental and marine images of animals and our planet. In 1994 he designed four U. S. postage stamps, "Wonders of the Sea", and Turner Publishing reproduced his work in the book "WILD LIVES, The Animal Kingdom of Charles Lynn Bragg". His images have been seen in galleries, corporate offices, logos, conservation groups, zoos, toy stores, and jewelry stores in the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia on a multitude of products. He describes his style as "Realism, Surrealism, Fantasy, Humanism, with a touch of Disney."

He is an accomplished draftsman, painter, print maker (etchings, stone and plate lithographs, serigraphs, monoprints, and computer giclees), photographer, stone carver, clay and wax modeler, bronze and metal sculptor, and mixed media artist. He has a prolific past, currently twenty+ works in progress, and scores of sketches for future projects. His work could range in size from objects that would fit in the palm of your hand to colossal stone carvings and monumental constructions.

"Earth Icon Series: 25,000 BCE"
"Earth Icon Series: Earth Scream"
"Earth Icon Series: KABOOM"
"Earth Icon Series: Mondo Lisa"
"Earth Icon Series: Mother's Condensed Earth Soup"
"Earth Icon Series: Son of Earth"
"Earth Icon Series: Starry Night Attack"
"Earth Icon Series: The Persistence of Man"
"Picasso's Love & War"