Stephen Schubert

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Inhaling the scent of a water lily flower at the age of eight in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens was the first time I experienced intoxication. The combined beauty and overwhelming aroma became imprinted in my mind forever.

However, visiting an artist's studio as a young man, really was the turning point in my life. It provided the inspiration I needed to express myself creatively, and in a direct way. I began making foam core abstract constructions with clocks. Early acceptance of this work was followed by a dream I had one night. It revealed an image separated by layers of 3-D space. I sketched my dream as soon as I awoke, and then began creating it out of wood and metal, and painted surfaces. One after another I began creating my three-dimensional sculpture paintings featuring windows looking out onto distant places. This new concept became extremely popular for me in the mid-1990's, and soon I was selling them in over 40 galleries around the country.

Combining my love of art and travel, I take notes and sketches while visiting places like Buenos Aires, the Mediterranean Coast, Napa Valley and elsewhere. I find these travel and dream experiences filtering into my new work. A puddle's reflection of a clothesline, a blurry train, distorted window glass, a smear, a bowl of fruit or artisanal soup. I find them impacting my work in unexpected ways.

I love doing commission pieces, and I am always trying new things with textures and paint effects in my contemporary abstracts, learning regularly how much creating provides a visceral connection to the often indefinable aspects of life. My new series of limited edition giclees is based upon the hundreds of sculpture-paintings that I created and sold through the years.

"Cassis (Plum)"
"Daisies (Ivory)"
"Geraniums & Pears"
"Got Milk"
"Ocean View (lilac)"
"Rubia at Dusk"
"The Old Bench"
"Tulip Party"
"Tuscan Beams"