Mark King

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The product of an exotic and privileged British family residing in India, Mark King, now a world renowned Impressionist painter and designer, was born in Bombay in 1931. His interest in big game began there, he says, “where elephants, bulls and camels roam the streets and tigers and other large cats could easily be seen in their natural habitat.” Change has been an important catalyst in this artist’s life. In England, young Mark King enrolled in 1948 at Bournemouth College of Art to pursue painting, sculpture, architecture and theatre design; then spent seven years as a scenic designer at the Oxford Playhouse Theatre. In 1961, he moved to France to study at the Ecole de Paris and the Louvre, and travelled throughout Europe painting and studying Art. Arriving in New York in 1968, King switched from being a plein aire painter to working exclusively in the studio. For subjects he knows intimately, like Paris street scenes, King draws from memory. For golf & other sports he takes photographs, condensing various views into one artistic composition. As he paints, small sketches with color and compositional motifs act as reminders of feelings and responses to events and places he has been. A subtle understanding of how color, texture and paint interact has always been his greatest talent. Working on several canvasses at once, his vibrant drawings and gouaches, devising structural and visual solutions for larger canvases, are then re-born in acrylic. Several paintings are in process at once, as he masterfully manipulates his palette knife, only using a brush for small details. He moves freely from one subject to another, gaining energy as he tackles the physical and mental demands of each composition. Following in the footsteps of the master Impressionists, Mark King never fully defines the places, faces and figures in front of him. He leaves those to your imagination. "I make no judgments about what I see", he says. Because of his alla prima approach, in which a painting is realized in a burst of inspiration and single application of pigments, King confesses, "It is not until the last ten minutes before completion that I am able to see where the painting is at, and catch the mood of the moment." His enthusiasm transforms everything he paints into brilliant color and timeless artistry. His paintings and prints have been exhibited in countless Galleries throughout the United States, England and Japan since 1969.

"Amen's Corner"
"Augusta Azalea Hole"
"Augusta National"
"Azalea Hole"
"Chesnut Mare & Foal"
"Coming Around"
"English Cottage Garden"
"PGA WEST - Alcatraz Hole"
"Taking the Lead"
"The Last Chukkah"
"Wild Mustangs"